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The journey of a  EDM and Soul recording artist and her art of dance

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 Feelin Good Dj Neri


Feelin​ Good​​

My Body (Lookin in the Mirror)​​

fuk all body shamers

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Watch and Enjoy Tanya Louise and Dj Jovonn original Deep in You New York mixes and

Tanya Louise's tr​ibute to Melanie Thorn​ton of Labouche in Canada

I​ had t​he honor of traveling with Mr.  Lane Mcray and performing for and with LaBouche following Melanie Thorton's untimely death. ​ She was is and will always be a very talented and amazing woman who was gone too soon.  I toured with Labouche for about two years and had a great time.  Plea​se visit her Youth Arts foundation on Facebook!

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         Slow jams and EDM

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Tanya Louise on itunes

Deep in You,  Lovely Day, Clap Your hands click listen and enjoy

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Home of  Ar​tist Tanya Louise

TL Ogonowski Ngosi Music

Infinite 8 music



TL Ogonowski​

Tanya Louise

EDM R&B Slow Vibes

Tanya Louise has performed in Canada, USA, Italy, and Switzerland

Dirty Martini , Nells, Tatou, Divina Follie, Five Mile House, 

Testacio village. Club Reality,  Personality club ,  8 by 10

One of Tanya's strongest point is her live performance.  The way she connects with the audience and excites them with her love of music

Vocal House Party

Live Performances