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Tanya Louise has shared the stage with such icons as PFunk, The Wutang clan, Steve Silk Hurley, Tony Humprhries, Jarobi from a Tribe called Quest.  Her all time favorite performer is Josephine Baker,  favorite vocalist is Chaka Kahn.  She loves Hip Hop as much as she loves house music.   Began singing at the age of five in church. Has been influenced by all types of music Rock, Soul  and Jazz . Danced on the DC Moon Man connection show.  Did runway modeling as a teenager. She is an accomplished dancer trained in Modern and African dance. Started her career performing in the supper clubs of NYC.  Is a Leo.  Loves football (Ravens all day ya''ll)  Has island blood from St. Kitts and Nevis.  Loves her Baltimore club music Dj Rod Lee, Say Wat to name a few.  Was a topless dancer and a cage dancer in New York, Dancing in such legendary strip clubs as Flash Dancers Broadway NYC, Dancateria and Club Cheetah. Is a proud and loving parent and family woman. Is a bartender.  Is a military brat.  All praises to Kemet as she follows many of the eastern methods of prayer and healing.  Is an advocate for legalization of marijuana, is an animal lover  a horse rider and trainer.  She is not only a singer but has played the violin, saxophone and flute as well as percussion. LOVES her fans. Worked on the set of The Wire (Hey Michael B Jordan) , Step Up(Hey Mario)  and Veep.   Loves coffee. Believes in and at times has followed a  complete vegan lifestyle as well fights for climate control and sustainable green energy and is an avid farmer.  She once had a pumpkin vine that stretched 24 feet long!!!!


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